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For a number of reasons, I no longer publish Wallace D. Wattles and Wallace D. Wattles related ebooks and paperbacks on Amazon, which is why you’re being redirected here ( was the website I was using for that purpose).

I’ve turned my attention to writing a series of “hotsheets” that I’ll begin publishing on Amazon Kindle as they become available.

What’s a hotsheet?

Rather than reinvent the wheel, I’ve already answered that question here on this new website I’ve started.

You’ll find the answer here:

And here:

If you’d like to receive email notification of the release of my first hotsheet (it may be a bit) and all future hotsheets, I invite you to join my hotsheets club. Here’s the form to join:

Important note: If I haven’t already, I’ll be deleting all of my Wallace D. Wattles and Wallace D. Wattles related email lists. So, if you haven’t joined my hotsheets club, you won’t receive these notifications.

A few more notes …

Note 1: All of my Wallace D. Wattles and Wallace D. Wattles related books, ebook and paperback, have been removed from Amazon and are no longer available. At this point, I don’t intend to put them back on, nor do I intend to republish them elsewhere.

Note 2: A number of you wrote me all essentially asking the same question:


Well, the answer is rather long and a bit complicated, but let’s just say that:

  1. I’ve decided that I want to expand what I do to a wider audience and not just limit myself to the writings of one author and a very tiny handful of closely related authors.
  2. My thinking has evolved quite a bit, especially over the last three years, and it would be difficult for me to do what I want to do next in my life with one foot stuck in the past.

I’ll leave it at that for now.

Subscribers to my new email list (see Tonys Hotsheets Club above) will get glimpses into my current thinking in bits and pieces through the new products I’ll be creating and releasing as time goes on.

Note 3: I’m selling several domain names I own that I don’t plan on using again on Namecheap Marketplace. Here are the domains that are for sale if you’re interested:

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