Hi, my name is Tony Mase. I’m a retired businessman who enjoys sharing what I’ve learned from a lifetime of experience about what works.

My goal here at tonyshotsheets.com is to provide you with high-quality information you can use to make your life better now, and to provide that information instantly, on demand, in a format you can assimilate and use quickly called a hotsheet.

What’s a hotsheet, you ask? Great question! 😊

A hotsheet, as I use the term here, is simply a short report (usually 2,500-10,000 words or so, which is roughly the equivalent of 5-20, 8.5” x 11”, single-spaced printed pages). It’s intentionally designed to be a quick read.

My hotsheets usually answer a very specific question and/or provide a solution to a very specific problem. They are generally “How to …” in nature.

Success Strategy No. 1:

Learn from the experiences of others, rather than your own.

Charles J. Givens, SuperSelf: Doubling Your Personal Effectiveness

Some of my hotsheets are case studies detailing how I answered a very specific question and/or solved a very specific problem for myself. These are usually “How I …” in nature.

The information contained in my hotsheets is concise, to the point, and doesn’t contain any fluff or filler. Because they address one very specific question and/or one very specific problem, they’re shorter, much shorter, than a full-length book on the same subject, which could run upwards of 100,000 words or more.

My hotsheets can be purely text or a combination of text and images, depending on the subject matter.

All of the hotsheets offered here are written by me based on my personal experience. However, on occasion, when there’s demand for information on a topic I don’t have any or enough personal experience with, I may offer hotsheets written or co-written by others based on their experiences.

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